Why the Cloud for Media Hosting

As media has grown more complex — in large part because of the increasing speed of computers and the heightened expectations of Internet users when accessing the Web — so has the need for more sophisticated and stronger media hosting solutions. Since folks often prefer a video to an article, for example, sites strive for denser media to be just as easy to access as text. If your company focuses on helping people learn how to impress their friends, for instance, they may prefer a video of your intern jumping off a roof into a pile of construction equipment as opposed to an article describing the same.

Cloud Media Hosting

Why choose the cloud? The cloud makes it easier to implement quality, reliable media hosting in a cost-effective manner. It’s a more scalable system because you’re patched into a network of servers– increasing bandwidth is greatly simplified. In fact, some higher-end cloud hosting options will give you limitless storage and bandwidth — allowing you to grow and scale your site without having to stop and reorganize.

Cloud hosting also often offers software as a service (SaaS), which means your software for managing media is online already and better integrated with the servers. Watch out for the other SaaS though, Software as a Sadist — it is the only application developed specifically to inflict pain on hosting clients.


One aspect of cloud hosting is that typically it will adapt to the amount of energy your website requires at any particular time. Hence, you don’t have to guess at what amount of bandwidth you will need at maximum. You’re in a system that fluctuates to meet current needs. This is especially crucial with media because its size means lot of data changing hands. For instance, if you have a cooking video on your homemaking website in which you confess your covert CIA involvement in the JFK assassination, you don’t want anyone to miss it, whether or not you’re lying to increase exposure for your lasagna video.

Freedom to Grow

What’s scary about a website growing unexpectedly is that you can outgrow the server you are on overnight. If your business starts to explode, you will have many aspects of scalability that are slamming you all at once. Getting a quality cloud package can mean one less potential headache as you expand.


That is the gist on media hosting, which is becoming, as discussed above, increasingly dedicated to cloud atmospheres. If you have any thoughts on media hosting, write them all down on a scrap of paper, put them in a bottle, and send them off to Italy – one place where both lasagna and media hosting are appreciated. Or, you can place a comment below.

by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood

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