3 Creative Ways to Monetize Your Site

Different methods you can use to monetize your website are innumerable. Ad networks and affiliate networks are very popular, but I want to look at some more innovative ways to use your real estate well and add to your bottom line. (One thing I have not tried and that I hope someone does is to link every single word on their website to Google’s homepage. I just have a funny feeling that would help with your SEO.)

Tutorials & E-books

Are you an expert at something? Let people know. Sharing your knowledge through a broader educational forum than a simple article can be a great way to monetize your site while building your brand and creating greater engagement.

Allowing folks to see the first page or two of the e-book or tutorial will give them a good preview and sense of whether your content has value to them. (Then fill the rest of the book up with lorem ipsum and ads for helicopter pilot training schools.)

Advertise Yourself

Typically the tendency on a website is to focus all of the space you have reserved for advertising real estate on other companies’ sales pitches. What about starting to buy some of your own space? If you have a service or a product that you think your audience would like, try placing your own ads.

When people click through to the landing page, make sure that you have a well-thought-out approach to provide something interesting to your readers. You want them to love what you are selling, not just your blog posts. (A great product to sell on the Web is a no-frills e-mail account for $49 – target-market this product to senior citizens who are considering purchasing their first computers.)


Finding a particular sponsor for specific columns is a great way to give advertisers a particular point of focus.

There are essentially three options to present this kind of sponsorship. You can link to their site within your content if you want it to be more covert. You can mention them as the sponsor of the article within the text. Or, if you want to really sell out (i.e. make the most money), put a graphic at the top that says, “Presented by [Name of Brand].” (Example: Presented by I Don’t Like This Website™.) If it’s a great brand, people can even take you more seriously for having such a great sponsor.


So yeah, those are three basic ideas to monetize. Don’t hold back. You can always try things out and see what works best. But giving your content away for free without creatively monetizing is a mistake.

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by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood

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