6 Top iPhone Apps for Business

Many of us are underutilizing our iPhones for business purposes. Perhaps we’re just scratching the surface of these amazing handheld devices that we carry around in our pockets.

What apps can improve and expand our business functionality and make it easier for us to perform certain tasks on the go? Below is a list of 6 great applications. (Unlisted here is my iPhone app now doing all the hiring and firing at my company. I will gradually allow the app to take over my entire business.)

1. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Do you use WebEx for conference calls? WebEx allows screen-sharing – so only one person needs to have a certain file, allowing that individual to control the point of focus during a meeting. With this app, you can initiate a meeting from your phone, then choose someone logged onto a computer to make a presentation. (Call from a liquid lunch, and choose an inferior at random.)

2. PowWowNow

This is another app that allows conference call functionality. You can bring in anyone in your contacts or email addresses from the Mail app. Additionally, the call-in number is optimized for your GPS location.

3. LogMeIn

This app allows you to use your PC or Mac from your iPhone. You first must download the computer application for the app to work. Not only can you access and manipulate files. You have access to all of your computer’s software as well (even the custom software you created to determine which of your children loves you the most).

4. Documents to Go – Office Suite

Who says Microsoft and Apple can’t be friends? You can create and edit Microsoft Office and Excel files with this program. An upgraded version of the app allows you to interact with PowerPoint files as well. However, in order to use this app, you may need to be familiar with Microsoft Office and Excel. MS Office may be simpler to learn, but you may need to take ms excel training to learn its uncommon features like quick cell values, 3D formulas, and power functions. The ability of MS Excel to perform mass arithmetic calculations is perhaps its most important use.

5. Keeper

Tired of typing in the wrong password? There aren’t many things more frustrating than not being able to access your own account. Keeper stores all your sensitive information – account numbers, passwords, etc. All your data is encrypted several times, so supposedly it’s safe. (No one will ever find out that your password is usually ??????????????????? but sometimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.)

6. MbPointer

Via a Wi-Fi connection, this app serves as a PowerPoint remote control. It gives you all the basic PowerPoint functionalities when conducting a presentation. Typical PowerPoint controllers can cost upwards of $100. This rings in at a $97 discount.


There you are – six applications that can be of help for business purposes (obviously some have personal applications as well). Do you have other apps to recommend?

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by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood