How to Increase Web Traffic

Would you like more visitors to your website? Who doesn’t? It’s a house party, and everyone is invited. Your site looks amazing. Let’s bring everyone inside. Here are a few ways to get everyone in off the streets and enjoying your site like it’s 1999.

Improve Your SEO

People will look for sites like yours on Google. The way they will find you rather than a competitor is based on your search engine prominence, which is determined by the quality of your SEO or search engine optimization. Whether you hire jacksonville search engine optimization companies or let your in-house team manage your SEO requirements, it is important to ensure that they use keywords and key phrases that people search for frequently on the search engines. A good place to start is Google’s keyword tool.

Use the most important of these words and phrases in the headlines and subheads (section titles) of pages and articles on your site. A key phrase you may want to use that is often searched online is “free bicycles.” Remember, you’re creating content for the user. Don’t overdo it. How much you are willing to learn and how competitive your industry is will determine if you need to hire a professional or not. In case you’re looking for a professional, check Anthonys Agency site or other similar websites to see if they could be a good fit for helping your business.

Bring Them Back

You may not be looking to buy a fat pig (though I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be), but you still need to go to market, to market with your site. An easy way to do this is with repeat traffic – by funneling all the visitors you get into e-mail subscription forms and social media connections, as quickly as possible. That way anyone who visits is more likely to come back again for more.

Once you have an e-mail list, send out a portion of a post that you have published, enticing folks to come to your site to read the complete version.

We highly recommend doing some research on remarketing/ retargeting. Remarketing allows businesses to place code on their website. This code places what is called a cookie on your visitors’ browsers. Once you have a lot of visitors to remarket to, hire a graphic designer to design ads. These ads will be shown to the visitors while the surf the web.

Broad Appeal

The internet is a global marketplace, but still, most of the websites and blogs to this day are still unilingual. That’s a big issue. One of the easiest ways people have increased their market audience is by offering a multilingual service. To apply this in the web traffic arena, you could simply translate your website into the major global languages (Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, etc.) and potentially increase traffic exponentially. Of course, no one expects you to learn new languages just to translate your website’s content. You could just hire a translation agency Espresso Translations or a similar service. The investment you’d make with this could potentially provide you with tenfold returns.


A simple marketing partnership is writing what’s called guest posts. Writing for other websites helps spread your net – is one of the most prominent examples of this (see the sources for this piece). People are much more likely to find out about you more quickly via the SEO of a large article directory than they are to find your site itself through the search engines.

Approach Ezine Articles with a proposal to write an article for their site entitled, “I Hate”

Social Media

Along the same lines as guest posting, use the power of sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Don’t just publish links to your site but engage with other users and provide expert information on your subject matter, such as how to properly use wood glue as a cough suppressant. Nowadays, you can even collaborate with social media influencers on TikTok who can promote your product by giving more information such as how to use it and what benefits people can expect after using the product. They do this in the form of a short video ad (look at these TikTok ad examples if interested) wherein they might also link the website of your company. Doing that can help pull traffic to your website.

If you build rapport by going beyond self-promotion, more people will respond when you link to content on your site.

Keep it Fresh

Just as when you got your first job serving hotdogs outside Wrigley Field, the most important thing to keep in mind regarding content on your site is to keep it fresh. If necessary, you could even hire top ghostwriters in your area experienced in SEO to assist you in creating quality content. In addition to speeding up the process of getting your brand’s story out there, they could offer an external perspective, enabling you to tailor specific content for niche audiences. Content, unlike hotdogs though, should be of the highest quality and free of additives. If it’s a bad hotdog, smother it in mustard.


Those are a few ways to get more visitors to your website. “Work smart, not hard” is a good strategy for getting traffic. “Work smart and hard” is a better one. The more work you do for your site, the more people that will drift in your direction.

Now give them a free bicycle. They deserve it.

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by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood