Tips to Increase Engagement on your Website

It’s one thing to get visitors to your site. It’s quite another to keep them there. How do you get folks to stick around for a while – in other words, how do you achieve “stickiness”? A few simple tips can help, serving you like wood glue and handcuffs with an unruly in-law.

Visual “Strategy”

You want a plan with your visuals – because visuals are so strong at maintaining attention on a site and creating a presence that feels more tangible than text. Plan out your visual approach. Like anything in your business, the better your organization and focus, the more site visitors will see a solid and coherent message. New to imagery? Half-nude self-portraits are a good place to start.

Allow Intuition

Windows 8 bothers me because it is so incredibly non-intuitive – and that’s exactly the way I naturally described it to those around me to explain my frustration – “non-intuitive.” No one should have to feel any sort of confusion on your site – they should look, and they should find.

Just think about a time that you have been on a website and have not been able to figure out how to navigate. Be a warm presence to visitors. Then sell them your high-end hacking software. Somebody’s got to infiltrate NASA.

Consider ADD

I think a big mistake we all make with websites is assuming that anyone has an attention span. Now more than ever, we need bells and whistles to ease the flow of information. We have so many stimuli that content must be broken up, or our minds start to drift.

Julie hasn’t texted me back yet. Maybe she doesn’t like me. Come on, don’t think about it, be a man. What was that?

In whatever ways you can, break up your information with humor, images, and spacing. And keep it short.

Fast Loading

They let you on to the jet bridge. Then you get to stand there behind a bunch of people, because waiting in line is fun and the airlines love us. Similarly to getting on a plane, with the Internet we desire the world to keep moving forward.

Loading of your pages is such a simple aspect of your site (at least conceptually), but it cannot be overstressed. Clean up your site by decreasing the size of images and removing any irrelevant code, especially that chunk in the middle that cost you thousands of dollars to create.


This seems so obvious but it is just incredibly important. Always and in as many places as possible, refer people directly from pages of your website to other pages of your website. I’m not just talking about internal links. I’m talking about, “You might also like to read…” at the bottom of pieces and other creative ways to keep people swimming around in your waterpark. Those loans you took out from Uncle Bobby to pay for those new slides aren’t going to pay for themselves.


As you can see, engaging folks on your website is really a matter of putting yourself in their shoes – making it easy and comfortable for them to enjoy each page, then to hop onto another one and continue to see what your site has to offer.

Okay, now give them back their shoes. Frankly, you look awkward in high heels anyway.


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by Kent Roberts and Richard Norwood

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