Top Five Reasons for Superb VPS

There are many hosting options online. However, not all are created equal. Many are resellers, which mean they are selling you someone else’s product. Now this is all well in good, if you don’t have any issue with your service. But it is good to know where you support is coming from.

So before I get to the list, I want to clarify a couple of things. Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is similar to shared and dedicated hosting, but not the same. In a shared hosting environment, you are sharing the resources (RAM, Processors, Disk Space, IP address, Bandwidth, etc.) of a dedicated server. Depending on the setup of the environment and the server, you could be sharing with 100s or 1000s of sites. Now do you want to share your birthday cake with that many people? VPS is a great alternative to purchasing your own dedicated server because you are not getting the costs associated with your own “dedicated” resources that you get with a server. With VPS, you get your slice of server – meaning you have your resources guaranteed. With Superb VPS plans, you can share your resources with as many 50 other sites to as few as eight. This allows for rapid growth and scalability.

Now the Top Five Reasons…

1. Burstable to Double Guaranteed RAM

One of the major advantages of a VPS hosting solution is the access to Burstable RAM. Each plan is design to meet the needs of client, providing guaranteed resources, but the access to Burstable RAM will allow for you to handle the unexpected. Each plan is set to double up your RAM when available up to 24GB of RAM.

2. Unlimited Technical Assistance

To make your first month a piece of cake (2nd cake reference, one more and I win a prize) we offer unlimited access to our technical staff. We know that this is the time when most customers need the most help, so we are there to answer any question you have from hardware to migration. We can even do the work for you with our support credits.

3. Your Choice of Discount

We offer 20% off upfront or three months free. It all depends on how you like to save money.

4. Top of the line Hardware & Network

We use Intel Dual Xeon 5620 Servers for our VPS platform with Raid 10 hardware, and connect it with our extensive IP backbone. Plus, our network is backed up with an industry leading 100% Network Uptime SLA.

5. Customized to Fit

From the size of our plans to billing options we allow you to build a hosting solution that fits your needs. We also offer a number of managed services from backup to proactive monitoring. You pick want you want, and we deliver. When you are ready to upgrade, we make it as simple with a few clicks from myCP®.

When consider VPS, make sure to compare before you buy. I have highlighted five reasons, but can promise you that when you choose Superb Internet, you will find more like Fantastic Reseller option, Full Root Access, Company-Owned equipment and much more.