Impact of Social Media on Customer Service

“Social Media isn’t a choice anymore-it’s a business transformation tool.”

According to Natlie Petouhoff, a senior analyst for Forrester Research times have changed in the way the traditional customer service community deals with it’s customers. Consider for a moment the options available for customers to praise or voice udder frustration with your services.

Customer service in the past has traditionally been based on anonymity (a customer service representative or technician on a phone, email or chat system) but social media is all about personality and authenticity.

So, this is why businesses operating on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram tend to take every measure possible to appear legitimate to their potential customers. For instance, companies that display a blue tick tend to appear trustworthy and reliable. They can achieve this by different methods such as applying on the app’s page or GetInstaVerified on websites that help do so in a shorter amount of time.

Such verified businesses generally also have a specific set of personnel to tend to customer queries. Additionally, some tend to take the help of AI-powered customer support systems (such as a ticket automation program) that can reply users, understand their queries, and provide solutions instantly. These virtual support agents can automatically tag and route issues to the right representatives so that they can provide voice-call support if needed.

Moreover, when reputed companies prefer to implement two levels of support assistance, it can be easier for the customer to get make a decision in the favor of purchasing their product or getting their issues resolved sooner. Imagine for a moment if during your time of server or hosting crisis you just wanted “speak to a human ” you were able to log into your MyCp and click “Superbinte” and you were quickly connected with a live customer service representative or with click of your mouse you could walk to our technical support bar and get instant help from a technical support staff.

This may seem like something from the distant future, but the facts speak for themselves (in a recent study conducted by the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR)-59% of respondents said they use social media to vent anger over their customer service experience.) So how is Superb leveraging the power of Social Media to listen to our customers? Take a moment to click on the below link to find out more information.