Top Online Backup Hosts

Each month, OnlineBackup Directory rank the 25 most popular companies on Online Backup Directory USA.

We, Superb Internet, are pleased to announce that we have been listed  # 2nd  in the Top 25 Most Popular on Online Backup Directory and # 1st in the Top 25 Most Popular Hosts on Dedicated Server Directory for August 2009.

The Top 25 Most Popular Company names in the list are based on the number of votes a company receives. Also, the list is based on the amount of times the listed companies` profile page have been viewed.

This means that these awards are based on a true reflection of the hosting company for OnlineBackup Directory and Dedicated Server Directory visitors while carrying out their research before commiting to buy.

We would like to thank OnlineBackup Directory and Dedicated Server Directory visitors for these awards that offers extra recognititon to Superb Internet.
August 2009 awards, as well as the previous awards, which we recieved show us that we are on  the right path to be the number one in the Web Hosting Industry by offering some of the best Managed Hosting Solutions, Dedicated Server, and Colocation Services along with providing the top nouch Superb Customer Support by “Staying Ahead of the Rest.”  🙂