Backups? What backups?

R1SoftMany a nightmare has begun with those words; What backups? Now granted every responsible systems administrator, or vigilante business owner in their right mind would have a backup of their lifes blood; their “DATA”.  Either it be past sales reports, or emails from the boss. Data that can put you out of business or even out of a job can be frightening! I myself learned the hardway. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t lose Da Vinci’s lost books or the secret codes to the “Dooms Day” device. I lost some pictures! Not just ordinary pictures, but pictures that would have proven my innocence to my girlfriend. On the flip side, I learned to backup everything I own. Now I have a storage problem, but I’ll get to that one later in the future!

A new managed product from Superb being released this month will be offering life savers that not just taste good, but will also leave you sleeping soundly at night! Please stay tuned for more updates on our new “Managed Backup” solution!