Staying Healthy While Working in an Office Environment

In CNN Challenger Gray & Christmas Incorporation stated that according to health statistics 15 million to 60 million Americans get sick each year with as many as 70 million missed workdays. According to statistics with median weekly earnings of $675 for all wage and salary workers, paid sick leave costs an employer $135 per day per employee. “This estimate does not even account for decreased productivity, interruptions in customer service, lost sales, missed deadlines or the cost of hiring temporary workers,” said Challenger. Now, imagine that you could go to work each day to your office, accomplish what you need to for your employer and stay healthy. Sound impossible?

A little bit of planning and a few small additions to your daily office routine can help you live a healthier and productive lifestyle.That’s why dedicated server hosting company Superb Internet Corporation came up with several things that you can do to stay healthy while sitting at your desk.

Energize your workday with office exercises:
1. Stretching: can relieve stress and make you feel better all over.You can stretch right in your desk chair, or close your office door and sit on the floor or use the wall. Why not start by getting out of your chair and touching your toes? While sitting at your desk, extend your legs with knees together and toes pointed upward2. Take a walk: Use your lunch hour or a mid-afternoon break to take a short, brisk walk. If you don’t have time to stray far from your desk, do a dozen or more laps around your office or speed-walk a floor in your office building. Anything that gets you up and moving at a brisk pace for 10 minutes or more will help refresh you for the rest of the day.

3. Breathe and meditate: Close and rest your eyes while breathing deeply, meditating for five minutes or picturing yourself in a favorite place, like the beach or mountains.

Proper ways to sit at your computer chair:

1. Get an ergonomic chair: It is important that the chair on which you spend long working hours should be friendly to your body. Or else you are bound to suffer from severe health damages in the long run. The best ergonomic office chair is the one that does not leave your body stressed out after the day’s work.
The best ergonomic office chair offers a firm support to your back and lumbar area. In addition, it is adjustable to your needs. It moves 360 degrees to enable you to pick things around your work desk without having to strain your body or put it in awkward postures.
Your shoulders should be relaxed, so if your armrests are getting in the way, than remove them.

2. Position your keyboard: You should sit close to the keyboard and place it right in front of you, with the part you use most often, centered on your body.
Adjust the tilt of the keyboard to what feels comfortable.
If you sit in a forward or upright position, tilt the keyboard away from you at a negative angle.
If you are reclined, a slight positive tilt will help maintain a straight wrist position.
Only use wrist rests while you’re not typing.
Keep your mouse close to the keyboard to keep arm and wrist movements to a minimum. If you suffer persistent wrist and hand pain, it might be worth finding out if the surgeon named best hand surgeon for 2020 is able to treat you.

3. Adjust the monitor and other peripherals: The monitor should be centered in front of you just above the keyboard.
The top of your monitor should sit about 2-3 inches about your seated eye level.
Minimize glare by adjusting lights, window blinds, etc.
If you’re in an office environment, you may need to have documents or telephones on your desk.
Keep documents directly in front of you on a copy stand or directly next to the monitor.
Keep your phone close to you. Investing in a headset may be a good idea

Keep germs away from your office:
“The office is an ideal setting for the spread of the virus,” said John A. Challenger, chief executive of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, in a press release. Keeping the work -space as germ free as possible means less lost work-time and happier Bosses:)
1. Stay clean with healthy products: When at work, keep a container of disinfecting wipes at your station, wipe down your desk, computer keyboard, mouse, phone receiver or headset, as well as dialing pad, keep the whole surrounding area wiped clean.
Once a week is suggested, however during Flu season, every other day would not be a bad idea.
Keep a jar of antibacterial hand sanitizer at your desk or station; use it through out your work day.

2. Do not eat at your desk: Do not eat at your desk; it is a contributing factor to germs at your finger tips. Save the eating for the lunchroom, restaurant or other eatery. If you really have to eat at your desk make sure you keep around your area as often as possible!

3. Practice good health and hygiene habits: Be sure to keep coffee mugs, drinking glasses, or vessels washed thoroughly, always using hot water and soap. Always avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes, germs are often spread after touching something contaminated with germs, then making contact with the above areas of your body.
Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of fluids (water always being the best), keep stress low, eat nutritious food and stay physically active.

In conclusion lets remember our three things that will keep us healthy while we work in an office at our desk
1. Energizing our work days with office exercises
2. Proper ways to sit at our computer chair
3. Keep germs away from office