Intel Core i7 – A new way to Rock and Roll at Superb Hosting!

Core i7

Intel’s new line of single processor Quad Cores have put the Intel vs AMD battle on hold. Well lets face it AMD has no chance, not when Intel releases processors like the new Core i7.  Some of the new and interesting features Intel decided to add would include the ingenious “On-Die” memory controller. Instead of having a memory controller on the motherboard where it can bottle neck, and slow down system performance. There is now one on the processor! Its like having a fridge next to your couch, no more walking to the kitchen to grab that movie snack! Ahhh life is good! With that aside the new improvements also include a new “Three Channel Memory” scheme. This allows for larger RAM capacity, and works with the new DDR3 memory modules. Another cool feature worth mentioning is the ability for the processor to over-clock itself when needed. I only wish my car would do that!

The Core i7 is manufactured using the new 45nm technology, this allows the processor to run with less energy, and in turn allows the processor to operate at a much cooler temperature then its 60nm Core Duo predecessor. There are 5-flavors of the Core i7. The 920, 940, 950, 965-Extreme, and 975-Extreme. The base model 920 has been regarded as the de-facto standard for entry level high powered computations. Even with the higher Ghz of the Xeon processors, the Core i7 920 produces more calulations per second, and in turn does it more quickly and efficiently.  Here at Superb Hosting we wanted to be on that cutting edge of technology, and offer our customers a Core i7 dedicated server solution. Only thing you’ll have to worry about is what you’ll do with all that power!

Warning: Core i7 will cause extreme joy, breath taking performance. There is no cure for Core i7-vitis. Please use as directed.