Are You Drunk Enough to Justify That Bad Decision? Ask Your iPhone.

iphonelastcall.jpgJuuuuust in case you couldn’t tell by the way you have been slurring your words, tripping on your feet and insisting on singing as loudly and publicly as possible for the past couple of hours, you might need an iPhone to tell you that you are drunk. I mean, those other factors should really have clued you in, but if you’re a skeptic and need more concrete proof than vomiting pure gin, or you are suspicious that someone has spiked the punch at your toddler’s birthday party then you should probably install this application.

It’s called Last Call; it calculates your blood alcohol content based on how much you drink, what exactly you’re drinking and how much you weigh. Also, according to Wired, there is a button to find and call a taxi service as well as a directory of local DUI lawyers if you decide not to utilize the cab button.

Alcohol is legal in most places, which is why you can find a liquor store in Thornton and almost every other place in your country. However, just because alcohol is available doesn’t mean it should be misused or abused. People who regularly abuse alcohol run the risk of injuring others and themselves, which could result in them needing a service such as alcohol rehab or therapy. The number of people who think it’s ok to drive when drunk is arguably rising each day as they would rather not go back and fetch their car in the morning. However, this is highly dangerous and risky as a drunk driver is more likely to get into accidents due to slower response times caused by intoxication. In the situation that a driver did get caught drinking and driving under the influence then they might need to view websites and research criminal defense lawyers who can potentially provide them with advice on how to legally proceed. Of course, this could be prevented by a potentially drunk driver thinking about the consequences of their actions before they decide to get in their car and drive off. In some cases, they might think that they are not too drunk and can pull off the accelerator easily, but to remind them, one can get caught with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level as low as 0.08% in some states of the USA, where DUI/DWI laws are too stringent. Say, for instance, getting convicted for a DWI in Tarrant County may result in three months of a prison sentence for the driver along with various fines.

Is this supposed to encourage responsible drinking? I don’t really know. Is the lawyer directory a joke? I sure hope so, not only because it suggests a high likelihood of people driving drunk, but also, it’s just not very funny.