Excellent Online Photo Editors

cat.jpgWhat is sweet about online photo editors is that you can take that picture of yourself from the hamburger eating competition and digitally mop your brow of the dripping sweat that began to accrue after the seventh patty. You can shave off that double chin which was in mid-jiggle with delight in winning first place with 26 patties when this candid (flattering but for the sweat and the chin) snap shot was taken. This picture can then be successfully uploaded to your deserted Lavalife profile, your World of Warcraft chat group…heck you can even toss it on hotornot.com and watch your 2.6 rating sail to a 3.9. Ahh what a photo editor can do for one’s reputation. Maybe now you can change your username from DarkWarlock31 to DarkWarlockStud31…

Online Photo Editing services are becoming all the rage – like the Hamster Dance of editing software. From Picnik to Snipshot to Aviary, these are some of the most useful things you can find on the Internet, and with almost all of them you are able to import photos from Flickr, Facebook, Yahoo Images etc.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Online Photo Editors that you can’t miss, brought to you by your friends at DailyGyan.com.

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