SEOMoz Steals the Show at SMXEast!

superbhosting-seomoz_smxeast.jpgI just returned from SMX East: a 3 day search engine conference and exhibition in New York. This year, the hit of the conference was SEOmoz unveiling their amazing new “Linkscape” competitive intelligence tool that will be added to their already extensive SEO tool set and guides.

No secret to anyone who follows the search engine industry, especially Sphinn readers, SEOmoz is definitely shaking things up. Within moments of Linkscape’s release, a shot was heard around the world in the SEO community and it was to the races. Kudos poured in from those who had anxiously awaited the release of a tool that could provide the kind of information that Linkscape does, while the “I could do this better” or “they shouldn’t be doing this” or some other self-righteous indignation echoed from people who should have just come out and said it like it is; “damn I am jealous; I should have thought of this”

Anyways back to Linkscape; it is definitely a game changer and from what I witnessed, it is going to seriously alter the SEO landscape. Exactly how it unfolds, we likely will all be closely following.

By the way, I should add, as you can see by the picture here, Superb Internet is a partner of SEOmoz and I count them both as friends and a client so I might be biased. All I can say, is you got to try it, then make your own mind up.