Mail Goggles: A Stroke of Genius

fanidea.jpgThe morning after a rip-roaring drunk, there is nothing that causes that nauseous pit of regret quite like the late night drunk email/dial. The next day you wake up and really wish that there was some way to fake your own death, or better yet, not fake it. Because that is how idiotic you feel. You pull up your sent messages on Gmail, only to discover that what you had anticipated with dread was even worse than you imagined. “I #&%*@ LOVE YOU!” is a phrase that you liberally peppered the email with, rivaled only by the poignant, “I’m so loaded/drunk/hammered/wasted” as though that were some acceptable excuse for humiliating yourself in front of the one person you really don’t want to humiliate yourself in front of. Oh the ex; always doing better, looking better and dating better. And now you have helped them to get over you a little more, if they even needed the push.

But lo, what is this? An email account that is capable of talking you out of drunken contact with others, even better than your more sensible, less drunk best friend? Not exactly. But not terribly far off either.

Gmail has implemented a new feature, which I would venture to call genius; “Mail Goggles”. This is a feature which, on a lonely Friday or Saturday night, after a sordid courtship with a bottle of your own personal poison, will ask you a series of math questions. Not necessarily difficult questions, but questions that are just hard enough that the booze soaked brain might retire to bed instead of hitting send.

I’m going to say it: this is an invention which might make the world a better place.

For more information on this brilliant idea, check out the official Gmail blog and while you’re at it, why don’t you take a look at another peice of technology which watches our drunken backs, the LP4100 cell phone with a built in breathalyzer. It will help you salvage some street cred, and keep being that guy/gal who is ‘totally cool’ with their ex seeing other people…’totally, super cool’…