Microsoft Ads: Love Them or Hate Them? (hate them, hate them…)

newmicrosoftad.jpgThe latest commercial from Microsoft is what happens when Bill Gates finally realizes that his presence is completely devoid of any and all charm (even the geeky kind). Unfortunately, he has dragged Jerry Seinfeld into the mess, forcing him to behave like a (it pains me to say it) common has-been, and attempt to recreate an exaggerated version of his quirky character that cast a spell over many an audience in the 90s. Though jarring in their contrived eccentricity, the spots, featuring a dynamically unfunny Gates and Seinfeld, stopped at a meager two ads, earning Seinfeld a cool 10 million for a few days work.

Is it possible that they simply wanted to create buzz? Combat the Apple commercials starring (shudder) Justin Long and that chubby dude? Or maybe the feedback was so staggeringly bad that they made the mature decision to stop subjecting the public to the tortuous commercials.

Either way, there is a new commercial in town, starring the random likes of Eva Longoria and Pharrell Williams, among others.

If you hate yourself, you can check out the Gates and Seinfeld ads here and here.

You can check out the new commercial here.

Wow, new Microsoft commercial. I get it. I am a PC and I am a normal person. In fact, I’m not just normal, but somehow connected to every other normal person in the world, which makes me extraordinary. And I can feel good about that because it offers me a false sense of worth, comfort and community. Thanks Bill Gates. Unfortunately, when the one minute commercial is done, I go back to kicking and verbally berating the hulking box that sits beneath my desk. My PC.