Facebook Boycott!

facebooksucks.jpgI have always been something of a feral cat with regards to this whole Facebook thing. What does that mean, you might be asking yourself. Or possibly, what is this idiot talking about? Which is more likely. What I mean is that, I had only, very tepidly, dipped my foot into the pond of social networking sites; never wholly committed; ready to duck out at any time if the mood struck me or things got a little too intense. But it didn’t seem like anything got too intense on Facebook. Without the lameness of Myspace; without its glitter and glitz and features and blogging, Facebook was just a wall, a couple (hundred) friends and some good old fashioned social lurking.

When fun walls emerged, I thought I was out. This is the last straw, I would say, as I slammed my fist onto my desk, scrolling through a landscape of ridiculous zombie bites and moronic videos. My pen cup would rattle and my speakers would buzz, but I would quickly get over it when I would discover that a random chick from my high school had taken embarrassingly provocative photographs of herself that are painfully amateur and reek of a noxious combination of low self-esteem and desperation. Then I would prowl and once again enjoy the creepy anonymity of social networking.

But two days ago…everything changed. Facebook has been completely revamped and I do not like it. As a matter of fact, I have decided, officially, that today will likely be my last day with Facebook. This new layout is horrible and makes very little sense. It’s not even one of those, ‘I’m just not used to it yet’ things, it’s more one of those ‘this layout is completely disorganized and borderline moronic’. So yeah. I’m out. And something tells me I’m not the only one.

A quick rundown of a few of my friends’ recently updated status’ read:

  • “Gina is going back to Myspace.”
  • “Kar is seriously over Facebook.”
  • “Nick is done with Facebook.”
  • “Naomi hates the new Facebook!”

And I’m sure if you inspected your own list, you would find a collection of similar complaints. I guess we’ll soon find out if that petition against the new Facebook that had been circulating furiously for the past couple of weeks will really do anything…(the answer is no…no it will not).