chrome.jpgSo Google released a brand new web browser, and to the disdain of many a club hip hopper, the street cred of the word ‘chrome’ has plummeted. Apparently it’s tough to be a thug and openly keep up to date with the latest and greatest in web browsers. It’s a delicate and complicated ratio; tough to master. Anyway, in keeping in stride with the tradition of staying on the good side of those who will one day rule the world, let’s take a look at some of the positive reactions to Google’s Chrome. recently released an article detailing the various, generally positive reactions to Google’s new web browser:

Joe McKendrick of ZDNet notes that Chrome could help to facilitate a smoother path to SOA.”

Click here for the full article.’s C.G. Lynch reports on how Google Chrome could hep online software vendors. The ability to isolate tabs from one another preventing one tab from crashing the entire browser is attractive to some, and better JavaScript support can lead to faster load times for some pages.”

Click here for the full article.

…to cite a few.

It would appear as though Chrome is recieving a warm welcome from the browsing community. However, according to Opera’s CEO, Jon Von Tetzchner, Google essentially ripped some of their most ‘innovative’ features off of Opera’s pre-existing web browsing software, for example, Chrome’s address bar in the tab, speed dial and unique search and find. Even though Opera is likely not recieving the credit they deserve, Tetzchner doesn’t seem too perturbed. In an interview with The Register, Tetzchner says that Chrome is actually good news for developers,

“If they take some market share from Microsoft, then that’s good for us – because their standards implementation is better than Internet Explorer’s.”

Click here for the full article. has a forum in which users have given their first reactions and initial reviews of Google’s Chrome and the reviews are incredibly mixed and fairly tepid, no blocks of particularly impressed or unimpressed people.

Conclusion? Reactions are mixed. Very mixed. Personal preference will play an even bigger role than usual with respect to the success of Google’s Chrome, so why don’t you check it out for yourself?