No Mac for You!

getamac.jpgI always thought of Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads as the only way that people could tolerate the tragically unfunny and forgettable…wow I honestly forgot his name as I was writing this and had to look it up…Justin Long. They might strictly have been a vehicle to help people stomach this little twerp in the hopefully last and significantly worst Die Hard installment. Who knows? What I do know however, is that Microsoft has finally decided to combat these long running little commercials by devising a quirky little clip of their own, featuring the inventor of the umbrella twirl himself, Jerry Seinfeld.

In a 300 million dollar campaign set to air on September 4th of this year, Microsoft plans to create a commercial starring both the ‘did you ever notice’ funny man and good ole’ Bill Gates himself. Apparently, the campaign is based on the idea of “Windows, not walls”, focusing on the need to, “break down barriers that prevent people and ideas from connecting.” The main goal of this marketing shift is to dissolve the public’s poor perception of Vista and will showcase the Mojave Experiment.

If this were a battle based purely on funny, Seinfeld is clearly superior. His funniness could kick Justin Long’s funniness’ butt any day of the week. I am actually curious though, what has Justin Long done to make himself famous? I am genuinely confused. I looked him up on imdb and saw nothing but a slew of crap; and I mean serious crap. He was in the Britney Spears movie, and a whole mess of worthless, low brow comedies. Someone please, explain his appeal to me. Please.