Stop Losing Money!

moneyseoblog.jpgWho likes money? I sure do. As a matter of fact, I love money. I love it enough to keep it in a jar decorated with dried macaroni above my refrigerator (but hey, don’t tell anyone). Losing money is the worst; infuriating even. Whether it’s five bucks or five hundred bucks, losing any sum of hard earned money feels like a kick in the pants. So it’s probably a good idea to stop losing money. I mean, you wouldn’t throw money into a fire or down the toilet or out a car window, so why would you blow money not knowing about SEO or SEM? It seems just as silly to me. Search Engine Land has a good article that outlines the search engine optimization related reasons that you might be losing money and more importantly, how you might rectify these problems.

1. JavaScript or other crawler-unfriendly navigation that may impede indexing. Most newer sites don’t have this problem, but there’s almost always at least 1 site we review in every class that has its main navigation pretty much invisible to the search engines. If your navigation basically doesn’t exist as far as Google is concerned, then it’s very difficult to get all of the pages of your website indexed.

2. Navigation that buries important pages within the site architecture. The deeper that pages are buried within the website, the less importance they are given. For SEO, as well as usability purposes, it’s often helpful to showcase important sections of the website up an additional level in the site’s hierarchy. This can usually be achieved via a search-friendly CSS mouse-over menu.

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