Staying Safe Online

thenet.jpgRemember when the Internet first became readily accessible and ‘caution’ was the word of the day? People thought that even if you looked at your computer funny your identity could be swiped from you faster than you could say dial-up. My mother was certain that even having the Internet could make you susceptible to a fate similar to that of Sandra Bullock’s in The Net; running around the city, sans identity, with only Dennis Miller for help as an oddly casted side character, offering witty comments and sarcastic quips. Luckily, we have all learned that the Internet really isn’t that dastardly and online activities like shopping and booking are fairly painless processes, as long as you do it safely and correctly. There was an article on Yahoo! Finance that offers seven commonly committed blunders that you should avoid in order to protect your online identity.

These common mistakes can ruin your computer or invite identity theft

1. Assuming Your Security Software Is Protecting You

Security software is fully effective only when activated and frequently updated. (Most products can update automatically.) To update most commercial software products, you must pay an annual fee. Last fall, the National Cyber Security Alliance and the software maker McAfee found that nearly half the users polled who thought their software was protecting them hadn’t updated it regularly. Software bundled with a new computer requires special attention because its subscription may expire within weeks.

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This article offers helpful tips and solutions to avoid these blunders so you can continue to reap all of the benefits of the Internet, safely, soundly and Dennis Miller free.