Random Geeky/Funny Thing of the Day

independenceday.jpgHas anybody ever actually seen/heard a computer in which, a melodic female voice repeats, ‘Access Denied’ as frantic heroes attempt to break into some datacenter or download some crucial information to clear the name of Will Smith or Sandra Bullock or some other overrated action star (yeah Will Smith – I called him overrated, wanna fight about it)?

Probably not. Or what about that magical movie website which manages to spout off the personal information of absolutely everyone in the world from their current address to their favorite kind of Kraft Dinner (mine is white cheddar if any databank out there was curious).

There is a hilarious article on Cracked.com titled, “5 Things Hollywood Thinks Computers Can Do” – definitely worth a read if you have ever raised your eyebrows at the ability of computers to say, implant a virus that will take down an entire fleet of alien spaceships *cough* Independence Day *cough*.