Thank You, Dedicated Server Directory, for Proving our Bombdiggity-ness.

Dedicated Server Directory AwardHey guess what? We are the bomb. We are so the bomb that I am bringing ‘the bomb’ back into linguistic circulation. That’s right! According to the lovely visitors and voters at Dedicated Server Directory, we have been selected as the #1 Unix Server Provider for July 2008. Each month, frequenters of Dedicated Server Directory are encouraged (proud to say, without the use of violent death threats) to vote for who they believe to be the best in any given field; from Unix Server Provider (ahem, that would be us) to the best Managed Host, Dedicated Server Directory invites everyone to throw their two cents into the mix.

Here at we would like to use this opportunity to make a few necessary thank-yous because apparently Dedicated Server Directory doesn’t organize a grand event at which we could deliver an appropriate acceptance speech.

First things first, we couldn’t have won this award without our Speak and Spells, without which we would have never learned to read or speak in a creepy, robot voice. Crucial to winning this Unix award.

We would also like to thank cherry Timbits – without which we might not have had the nourishment to go on. (With a special shout-out to chocolate Timbits for always being there to follow up a cherry and creating a delicious cherry chocolate heaven in our mouths day in and day out).

And finally…our dashing good looks. There, I said it. I wasn’t going to, but it had to be said. We are a ridiculously good looking company. And there is something to be said for that when it comes to Unix Server Awards.