Photoshop Tutorials to Scare the Pants Offa Ya!

Evil Dead 2 PosterTop 3 Goriest Horror Movies:

3. The Fly – David Cronenberg’s 1986 Sci-Fi masterpiece is without a doubt, one of the most revolting things I have ever seen in my life. Although this movie isn’t gory in the traditional sense (i.e. blood, guts, bones etc.), watching Jeff Goldblum transform from an eccentric scientist to a man-fly hybrid involves some seriously sick membranous slime attacks, violent acidic upchucks, body parts rotting off and skin melting grossness. But it’s awesome and a serious must-rent for any gore/nastiness fan. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is the same director as Crash (the 1996 James Spader garbage, not the 2004 Oscar winner) and Existenz (barf). Cronenberg has some gems from back in the day amid the crap and his most recent movies, which, within the last few years, are genuinely excellent films (go rent Eastern Promises if you haven’t yet).

2. Dead Alive – Dead Alive is the movie that you always saw at the video store as a child, were oddly intrigued by, yet never rented, or at least, never worked up the courage to ask your parents to rent (it bears the dreaded R rating). Directed by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings/losing lots of weight fame, this story begins with a monkey bite and ends in a blood bath. Let’s just say someone eats a spray of puss from a detached ear, zombies are splattered via lawnmower and an old woman eats a dog. According to Wikipedia, the lawnmower scene required over 300 liters of fake blood and 100 fake, dismembered body parts. I believe it. Dead Alive (originally released as Braindead) is an AWESOME movie and if you consider yourself in any way a horror movie aficionado who checks the best new horror movies coming out each month, go rent this before you embarrass yourself at a party by having to admit you haven’t seen it.

1. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn – What can one say about Evil Dead 2? It is one of the goriest movies of all time. This movie is a literal splatterfest from beginning to end, featuring brutal decapitations, dismemberment with a chainsaw, a shotgun blast to the head of a slime-covered demon – what more could you ask for? All the while the physical comedic brilliance of the great Bruce Campbell keep you laughing through every gorestorm if grossness.

Wouldn’t you love to try and recreate some of this sickness in the comfort of your own home, or reinforced bomb shelter depending on how scared you are of a zombie epidemic? How would you like to play with some the plugins like Adobe color picker and brushes on your Photoshop? Sounds really cool, doesn’t it?

Well then check out these sweet Photoshop tutorials at The Photoshop Roadmap – everything from mutilated zombies to psychotic demons to impish elves. These tutorials are actually really cool, really comprehensive and really easy to follow – definitely worth checking out. Also, check out some other Photoshop tutorials in our Wiki.

Some gory honorable mentions, if you are interested:

Pet Semetery – All in all, a pretty gross movie, however, the icing on the creepy cake is the sister, Rachel, who suffers from a degenerative bone disease…not pretty. Warning: the sight of the sister absolutely will haunt your dreams so be sure that you are ready for that kind of inconvenience.

Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake, FAR superior to the original) – This movie isn’t necessarily the MOST gory, but it certainly has some of the BEST gore I have seen in a long time. There are lots of good shotgun blasts to the head that are totally believable and some excellent zombie bites that involve that elastic tendon ripping which cause even the least squeamish to squirm.

Re-Animator – Jeffrey Combs plays the totally creepy Herbert West, a medical student who becomes involved in a strange plan to reanimate the dead. Enough blood, guts and gore to keep the whole family happy and truly repulsed for a solid 86 minutes.