I Heart iPhones

Super Monkey BallAlthough I am vehemently opposed to anything in the realm of cell-phones, texting, etc. one cannot deny the coolness of Apple’s latest and greatest: the iPhone. It’s the kind of technological device that makes grandmas everywhere think that science is magic; that makes you rethink taking that short cut home through a dark alley, but most of all, it turns non-believers, like me, into believers. The iPhone is awesome. I feel the same way about it as I did about Nintendo 64 in the 90s, that is: I will never be bored again.

And just when I thought that the iPhone couldn’t get any cooler, Apple went ahead and launched the iPhone App Store; a place where iPhone and iPod Touch users can download tons of sweet applications either for free or a small fee. And best of all you can access the App store any time from your iPhone – like I said, I gotsta get me one of these phones.

WebMonkey.com has a great article outlining 8 super cool things that you can download at the Apple App Store. One that I find particularly cool is the “Light” function, in which the iPhone is transformed into a flashlight by generating a bright, white screen. I can see the subtle product placement now – a dashing young actor is in the throes of some kind of malicious conspiracy – he is tossed in the trunk of a car and/or snooping through files and what does he use to light his way? The iPhone, set to “Light”. Apple saves the day once again; just like it did way back when the world was under the threat of alien destruction in Independence Day.

Another cool application is the Twittelator – a free application for micro-blogging with GPS-enabled mapping tools built in. GPS enabled mapping tool eh? Sounds perfect for when our suave, young hero’s love interest finds herself somehow held against her will by either the main villain, or a collection of faceless, one-punch goons. Either way, you know the iPhone will make that ever so understated appearance.

What is cool about these applications are that, while of course there are plenty of gimicky applications which will cease to be amusing about 2 weeks after you download them, a lot of these applications are genuinly helpful products. Applications like Weatherbug bring live weather, local weather conditions from over 45,000 locations in the world straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

AppleInsider.com has a great list of FREE (that’s right, free) applications that you can download – you can check them out here.