Google’s Matt Cutts Sheds a Little Light on SEO

A photo of Matt CuttsCould it be? Could it really be?

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team and all around SEO aficionado is going to shed some light on that dark and mysterious labyrinth of a concept, search engine optimization. SEO: it evades many, baffles most, and causes some to bang their heads on their desks repeatedly, muttering strings of incoherent frustration. Luckily, there are guys like Matt who know a thing or two (to say the least) about the secrets of SEO and the tricks to get you ranking.

Jefferson Graham of USA TODAY got to talking with Matt Cutts with the intention of dissolving some of the frustrating ambiguity that surrounds search engine optimization and spamming issues. Search engine optimization is incredibly important these days, espeically when you consider the amount of people who’s relationship with the internet is made up soley of search engine searches.

There are many people, myself included, who will type anything into Google or Yahoo; who allow Google to essentially shape our experiences with the web; grabbing sites for us so we don’t have to do any of the legwork. Looking for a book? May as well go straight to Google, that way, even if you spell it wrong, it will be fixed up for you:

Did you mean: The Great Gatsby?

Why yes I did Google, thank you very much.

But what am I explaining this for? You all know that it is important to try and keep a good rank in Google, Yahoo and other popular search engines – it’s just a matter of how to do that.

In Graham’s USA Today Article, Matt Cutts outlines some key rules to follow when trying your hand at search engine optimization strategies, and cites blogging as an excellent search engine optimization tool. According to Cutts, Google examines over 100 pieces of data in order to determine where a site will rank and links are a big part of that decision.  Basically Google is like highschool, only not as miserable. The more popular you already are, the higher you are going to rank – the popular keep getting more popular while the geeks stay geeky…unless of course they know how to use SEO. Is this analogy even working?

Anyway, it’s all about getting solid, respected sites to link to you. If they like you, then you must be pretty cool therefore, to the top of the list with ya! A great way to exchange links is blogging. Blogging is an awesome SEO tool – it is essentially cost-free and helps you to communicate with your customers and generate helpful content.

Check out the article here – it is definitely worth your time to see what Google’s main SEO man has to say about ranking. Also, take a look at Matt’s personal blog – filled with his own tips, tricks and information, this blog is an excellent SEO resource.