Microsoft 2008 Worldwide Partner Conference

microsoft.jpgThis is going to be a big one guys.

Microsoft is holding the 2008 Worldwide Partner Conference in the heart of Houston Texas from Monday, July 7th to Thursday July 10th.

Texas: home of the late Buddy Holly, the original “bowl of red” (that’s chili to you bub), and for four probably sweltering days in July, over 10,000 partners, vendors and Microsoft employees from all around the world. With this record number of attendees comes ample opportunity to network, connect, discuss, brainstorm, share ideas or anything else you can think of doing with over 10,000 Microsoft related individuals.

The agenda and list of events looks to be packed with presentations about Microsoft; their overall vision, their various business and marketing strategies and important ideas coupled with a wealth of networking opportunities.

If you check out the Microsoft 2008 Worldwide Partner Conference website, you can check out the list of keynote speakers as well as browse the Digital WPC blog.