Ten Terrific Interactive Websites for your Time-Killing Pleasure

lost.jpgPeople are all about interactive these days – I think that is pretty clear judging by the amount of people who have supplemented the computer for the television. Hours spent loafing on the couch at the mercy of cable programming has been replaced with actively seeking out movies and shows whenever you want to. Lots of people don’t even own televisions anymore and instead insist that, “they can find everything online,” and boast that, “there are no commercials!” I suppose that sounds pretty good but I, personally, don’t mind the commercials. They add to the overall TV watching experience. Imagine if I didn’t have Subway’s Jared to detest with unreasonable ferocity or that cute kid in the Band-Aid commercial to gush over every once and a while.

Anyways, it appears as though people will no longer waste their time with traditional television and are proving it in abandoning old shows for new ones. As evidenced by the highest-rated shows right now – sitcoms are dead and intense, interactive television programs are the way of the future. Take a show like, Lost; it doesn’t even have a theme song or a catchy Seinfeld-esque jingle to buffer between the commerical and the start of the show – it just jumps into the mystery and action without missing a beat, stalled only occasionally by the necessary recap of information. Or what about Heroes? These are shows which demand your full attention and span whole seasons without resolving a single dilemma. This is the kind of interactive television that people want to see and become absorbed in; they want shows they can talk about and guess at and lose themselves in.

Certain people have taken cues from the growing ratings and high demand for these interactive shows and have modeled their websites accordingly. Webupon.com have listed ten great interactive sites on the web and have assembled them nicely for your time-killing pleasure:

Interactivity is the name of the game at the moment. Here are 10 websites that are a combination of the fun, the weird, the educational or the simply bewildering. Prepare to be awed!

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