SEO…You Need to Know it…Seriously

Say, for example, I am looking for an original, uncut copy of Sam Raimi’s classic tale of demonic antics and over-the-top, undead gore, Evil Dead 2. For some unknown reason, Evil Dead 2 is much more difficult to find than the first Evil Dead despite the fact that it is a superior movie in many ways. So where should I turn when HMV has proved itself to be a dead-end? Where can I go when my various sources for DVDs has offered me nothing? Well I head to the internet of course.

My method for finding something online, without fail, is as follows:

  • Go to (or, depending on how I feel that day)
  • Type in the keywords that I know will get me what I want; in this case, “buy evil dead 2 dvd”
  • Voila! A list of online merchandisers flood the page before me and I peruse them, searching for the site that best suits my needs

For a user like me – that is to say a light to moderate user – there is no internet outside of search engines. Search engines are what I use in virtually every World Wide Web interaction I have on a day to day basis. That brings me to the point of this blog. Being as I am a fairly average person, and the world is made up of fairly average people, I can only assume that there are a lot of other people who view the internet in the very search-engine-centric way that I do and if that is the case then Search Engine Optimization Services are a very important tool indeed.

The purpose of search engine optimization is to boost your rank on popular search engines like or, ideally placing your site within the first 10 or 20 sites that pop up as opposed to being buried at the bottom of page 48. If someone like me is looking to spend some money, it will be at a place within the first 10 sites listed…believe me. Being listed highly on these search engines is absolutely crucial and not only that, if you are listing well, it is basically like free, or at least cheap advertising, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When it comes to advertising, you can use banner ads, video ads, and digitized scientific posters on other search engine-optimized sites. As a result, your search engine ads, as well as websites that rank highly in search engines, are likely to bring in traffic for your website.

So my suggestion is to set aside some serious time to learn about the basic framework and philosophy of search engine marketing – try and grasp a better understanding of search engine optimization and the use of keywords so that you can improve your business and experience all the success that you dreamed of. Or hire a professional; there are plenty of people out there who know a whack-load about how to get your site noticed –why don’t you Google it and see who comes up first?