Tools for the travelling techie

Tech Road Warrior - Mel Gibson with a Mac Air and iPhoneWhile I don’t find myself hopping from city to city, with commuting, contract work on weekends, and a pseudo-nomadic lifestyle, I find myself constantly on the go. Between fighting to find an Internet connection (a free, wireless one, preferrably), worrying about who’s going to try and grab my laptop from my car, and trying to keep files synched and up-to-date on different systems, I have more than enough concerns – and that doesn’t even involve crossing borders and contending with changing copyright laws. To help make things easier for those always on the go, Computerworld has come up with a list of 8 tools for road warriors:

…dropped cell phone calls in hotel rooms, faint Wi-Fi signals in airports, data files that vanish without a trace and power-sucking gadgets that invariably go dead just when you need them most.

Overwhelmed? Take heart — adding a few key gadgets to your arsenal could help. The eight handy devices and services detailed below can help you charge, connect, boost and protect your array of mobile devices and the data they contain. With some of these you might find yourself carrying fewer cables, chargers and other travel detritus.

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