Driving More Return Traffic

Traffic JamHeavy traffic on the street? Very irritating. Very bad. The cause of most, if not all, spontaneous outbursts of unhindered fury and temporary loss of rational capacity. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this bad traffic except scream at it and pound your steering wheel repeatedly with your fists until you feel a little better.

Heavy traffic for your website? Good. Very good. The cause of many smiles and much success with respect to a website. What is even better than traffic? Return traffic. That people continue to come back to your site suggests customer loyalty and might even prompt word-of-mouth advertising. Oftentimes it will take a few visits to a site before a customer finally decides whether or not they want to buy.

But how can you get people coming back? There are lots of suggested strategies; a well-kept, active forum can definitely keep people coming back. People can’t resist throwing their two cents into a solid discussion forum and this alone has been known to draw people to a website time and time again. Even little reminders here and there to bookmark a site can generate return visits. There is a great article at www.thewhir.com that offers a comprehensive list of tips and tricks to increase traffic, and specifically return traffic to your site:

Sometimes you need a kick start to get of the ground when promoting your new business Web site. Use these 11 tips to get started. A combination of several tips will most likely guarantee return visitors on your Web site. Return visitors most likely mean more sales.

1. Build a solid business foundation before starting. Create a business plan (this should be a document revisited every quarter), marketing plan, client profile and a site map for your Web site.

2. Be very consistent. Brand your company and stick to it.

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