Sharing Photos Online

Sharing photos online is one of the major reasons for being online. I remember about a year ago, one of the biggest anti-Internetters that I know was turned into a believer when, within an hour of her birth, pictures of his beautiful baby girl were in the hands of his rarely-seen relatives in England. While he was able to do this with the help of photographers similar to those seen at newborn photography Portland, he still questions sites like Facebook and the ability to maintain a certain level of privacy on these types of networks. This is a valid concern, but at least he is coming around to the idea.

Most new cameras have a minimum 5.0 MP lens, and for the most part, people will use the highest quality settings, which gives the largest files. Storage isn’t as big an issue as it once was, with 1GB memory sticks and 250GB hard drives being widely available at reasonable prices, but it does become a bit of an issue when trying to share files online. Whether it’s the upload time, file size restrictions, or total monthly bandwidth, or total online storage, sharing photos can be a bit of a juggling act.

Without thinking, I would almost always suggest Flickr for people looking to share photos, however, I know there are other popular options that may be a better choice. Rather than re-inventing the wheel, I’ll link to an article that reviews 7 Alternatives to Flickr. In no particular order, the article reviews the following photo sharing sites: deviantART, Zooomr, Fotki, PBase, Photobucket,, and SmugMug.

From the article:


This post isn’t meant to draw Flickr users away, but to share some sites that have a little different take on things. I love Flickr. I’ve had a Flickr account longer than other web-based photo account/membership. That said, I hope this post has opened your eyes to some useful alternatives to Flickr. This is by no means an exhaustive listing of all the photo sharing sites out there. If you’ve got other sites that you use, feel free to drop in a comment and give the rest of us an overview of what makes your site a good alternative to Flickr.