Social Applications for Enterprise

Social applications are becoming more and more common within the Enterprise. As the average user becomes more comfortable using and utilizing social applications, it becomes more and more realistic to incorporate these into the Enterprise. Couple that level of comfort with the convenience of web-based applications and it makes even more sense, especially with more and more corporations having remote offices, telecommuters, and multiple (perhaps even multinational) locations.

The advantages of social applications goes beyond the workforce, too. Blogs, wikis, and bookmarking can provide an added level of interaction between the corporation and the end-user or customer and provide a means of personal interaction – something that customers enjoy and prefer. Rather than some Account number in cyberspace, customers become real people with a real voice. A simple search on social apps for Enterprise makes it quite clear that there is a general shift in attitude regarding social apps.

From Enterprise 2.0 2007:

The impact of social tools – like blogs, social networking, and the explosion of web 2.0 social apps – has already had a profound impact on society and media after less than a decade. In the next few years, we will see a corresponding echo in the business sector as these same technologies are adopted and adapted for business use. These tools will find their way into every nook and cranny in the business setting. Marketing, corporate communications, and product management will be remade through the influence of social media, particularly blogs.

An exerpt from Social Tools for the Enterprise.

There are always added pains when you’re an early adopter, but it’s important not to show up late or miss out completely, either. Using social apps effectively equals time and money; while the keyword is effectively, even the man signing the cheque can appreciate saving time and money.