Buying your Google ranking

Google has always touted their superior search algorithm as a big part of being the dominant search engine; the algorithm, likely the biggest secret in the company, is the reason the site is able to provide the most relevant results to your queries. However, there’s been a screenshot released by a French blog that suggests Google rankings may be affected by what you pay. Google acknowledges the screenshot as legitimate, but maintains that there is no questionable rankings in their search results.

“Our organic search results have always been completely independent from our paid advertisements. We consider the objectivity of our search results to be paramount to our success and would never compromise that in any way,” said software engineer Matt Cutts, in a statement sent via the company’s public relations department.

via this Computer world article

While Google has been untarnished and somewhat of a golden child, it is still a corporation, and lately, the search giant seems to have lost some of their lustre. This definitely won’t help, but perhaps all will be forgotten with the release of their new open platform next week.