Top Tech Blunders

Technology has helped us in many ways, but at the same time, Technology has been the source of many-a-headache, too. And because of those headaches that we’ve all endured over the years, it’s nice to see the professionals run into some of these same problems. Computerworld has come up with a list of Technology’s Most Mortifying Moments, and is giving you the chance to vote on the top (er, bottom?) moment. Everything from accidental net-nudity to 300-page phone bills to monkey dances, here is the list of nominees:

  • Bill Gates’ Win98 demo with Blue Screen of Death
  • Steve Ballmer’s “Monkey Boy” presentation
  • Vista speech recognition demo that recognized no words
  • Jeff Papows’ extreme resume embellishment
  • AT&T’s 300-page iPhone bill
  • Teenager cracks Australia’s $84 million porn filter in half an hour
  • Sony’s CD rootkit fiasco
  • Cat Schwartz’ inadvertent exposure on the Internet
  • Internet worm released by the son of a renowned security expert
  • Masses of self-promoting edits on Wikipedia

While top vote is going to the blue screen of death moment, I have to vote for the $84 million spent on the porn filter.