Hillary Clinton – The Most Powerful Person on this Planet?

Hillary ‘Soprano’ ClintonRecent polls show Hilary Clinton leading the Democratic race by a whooping 33% as recently reported by Fox News/ABC. This coupled with a recent Post-ABC News poll indicates that 53 percent of Democrats surveyed would vote for Hilary Clinton with 57% of women clearly indicating that they will vote for her.

So, are those who are less-than-happy with the Republican boot on the throat of the world ready to rejoice? I would caution against this. It is impossible to underestimate the might of the Republicans to still pull a rabbit out of the air. Speaking of which, Team Rudy Giuliani has been quick to report that Hillary can only win Massachusetts or Vermont - in a completely impartial analysis conducted by their team (right!!). Its “all in their maps,” but only if Rudy wins the Republican nomination. If it is anyone else, then she might win or definitely have a much stronger showing. To say they are likely color blind would be an understatement, but hey, everyone needs their fantasy (mine is – well I can’t say it here because my wife reads this). But back to reality and the reality is Hillary is the front-runner.

Still, it is heartening to those who want this to end; who want America out of Iraq and out of power. More importantly, it indicates that it’s possible America trusts a woman more to accomplish this. They also may trust a woman’s nurturing nature to strengthen the school system, increase public access, and improve healthcare; 3 very important issues in this coming election.

Bottomline, from all reports, we could be on the brink of history; the first woman to become the Most Powerful Person on the Planet (yes, it is still the American President), and also, the very first husband and wife who have both been President. How can anyone resist voting for this. It will be like the fall of the Berlin wall. We all would liked to have been there, so get out and vote or you will miss out on being a part of history.