Happy Birthdays

Google Birthday logosThe online world was abuzz yesterday with the official 9th birthday of search engine giant Google – I’m sure you’ve heard of it? Although co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin registered the domain in 1997, the site was officially launched a year later. As usual, Google’s trademark logo was adapted for the event. For an overview of Google’s history, see this link.

In other birthday news, Dreamhost celebrated their 10th birthday on September 24th. Another one of the old boys in the hosting industry, there is a great post on the Dreamhost blog chronicling their evolution over the last 10 years. Although I’m not sure it competes with Google’s birthday logos, it’s not a bad (light) read. (For the record, I’ve already put my name in for the 12.5 PB of storage and $1.95/month bandwidth that will be offered in 2017.)

Congratulations to both these companies on these landmarks that would make them ancient in terms of online/Tech companies – but neither as old as Superb!

UPDATE: I almost forgot – Superb had some birthdays that are definitely important enough to mention alongside Google and Dreamhost; Happy Birthday to Andree, David, and Lindsay. 🙂